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 Diving-Expert was started by Jack Cover in 2012, who’s professional career has spanned over 44-years, and has continued to be successful in providing Diving, Subsea Construction, and other Maritime expertise to a number of Attorneys & Law Firms in the U.S.A and Internationally, on large complex matters as well as smaller but significant cases. Trial and arbitration experience in the U.S.A and International.


What we Do

We bring Diving and Subsea Construction expertise, focused insight, and professional experience to Maritime and Admiralty Attorneys and Law Firms worldwide, including Subject Matter Experts, Expert Witnesses, Trial Consultants, and Consultants.


Professional Experience


Jack W. Cover - Diving, Subsea Construction, and Maritime Expert | Principal:

Experienced globally in the oil, gas and subsea construction industries in areas primarily focused on large, complex, heavy construction and structural inspection projects, both onshore and offshore. Over (44) continuous years of employment in the Industry, advancing from entry level positions to Senior/Executive Management, with over (20) years of field experience both offshore and onshore. Mr. Cover continues to actively manage all types of large multi-faceted projects both domestic and international.

Mr. Cover’s field experience in the commercial diving industry has included positions as a Surface Supplied and Saturation Diver, Diving Supervisor, Diving Superintendent, Construction Superintendent, and Senior Project/Program Manager. His experience extends into Remotely Operated Vehicles and Atmospheric Diving suits as both an Operator, Superintendent, and Technician. An experienced Merchant Marine/USCG Licensed (expired) Master of Oceans, while Owner/Master of an Offshore Ocean Towing and Anchor Handling Vessel.

Mr. Cover’s 23-plus years of management experience has spanned from middle to executive levels as a Senior Project/Program Manager, Operations Manager, and as the Co-Founder, Partner, and former Chief Operating Officer of a leading and successful Diving Contractor. He is a Licensed General Contractor – Heavy Construction/ Oilfield Construction. 



Primary Areas of Expertise


✓ Commercial,   Military, and Scientific Diving Methods: Saturation, Surface Supplied   Air/Mixed Gas, Nitrox, Atmospheric Diving Submersibles, SCUBA (Open/Closed   Circuit)

✓ Remotely   Operated Vehicles (ROV): Surface Tethered and Tether Management/Caged, and   Pipeline Crawlers

✓ Diving and   Construction Support Vessels: Operations and Compliance. Anchored vessels and Barges, Spuds, and   Dynamically Positioned

✓ Deep Water   Drilling and Production: Vessel Support, Policies, Procedures, and Logistics

✓ Ocean Going Tug   Vessels: Anchoring and Towing Operations

✓ Shipyard and   Dry-dock: Repair and Maintenance

✓ Business   Intelligence 

✓ Project   Management 

✓ Health, Safety,   Security, and Environmental: Policies, Procedures, Protocols, Compliance, and   Oversight

✓ Consulting   Services

✓ Incident/Accident Reconstruction

✓ Decompression Tables and Procedures

✓ Hyperbaric Medicine, Diving Illness/Injuries,   Diagnosis & Treatment of Decompression Sickness (DCS)

✓ Inspection Methodology – Ultrasonic, Induced   Current, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Close Visual

✓ Crane   Operations in support of Diving/Subsea Projects

✓ Dive team   management, roles, responsibilities, and communications

✓ Use of Survey in support of Diving and Subsea   Construction Projects

✓ Subsea Construction Tooling: Specifications,   Methods, Operations, Maintenance and Repairs

✓ Subsea Damages: Financial Analysis, Feasibility, and   Reconstruction 

✓ Diving Safety and Regulations: Domestic and   International

✓ Operational Planning, Emergency Procedures, and   Controls

✓ Diving System Design, Construction, and Compliance   including Codes and Standards (ASME, PVHO, ANSI, ASTM, ADCI, IMCA, ABS, DNV,   IMO, OSHA, USCG, CFR), Operation, Maintenance and Repair 

✓ Subsea Construction, Maintenance, and Repair,   including Oil/Gas Platforms, Pipelines/PLEMS, Marine Terminals, SBM, FPSO,   Well Abandonment, Salvage, Heavy-Lifts/Rigging,  Fiber Optic Cables, Control Umbilical’s, Pile   Driving, Ocean Outfalls, and Dams 

✓ Industry Permitting and Regulations: BSEE, BOEME,   LADNR, USACE, 

✓ Training & Development 

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